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Horses and 101 Pearl Lane

Not trying to pick on Daniel, but his last 2 “articles” in the Summit Daily News have been, shall we say “lacking”. The most recent article tries to equate “special features” (in this case zoning for horses) with having a “large pool of buyers”.  Dan fails to see the other side of his argument that “more options equals more buyers”. And that is, “What if the options are not what buyers want?” If not, then clearly, “more options does not equal more buyers”. Dan would also have you believe that 101 Pearl Lane in Ruby Ranch which has zoning for horses, sits on 2.78 acres, etc. has a “huge pool of buyers” and that “buyers will pay lots more” for this property due to the zoning. My realtor girlfriend says the home has been on/off the market since 5/22/08. To which I must ask, “How big is that pool exactly?”