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Pay raises in Breckenridge

Gotta love it when your town/community wants to raise wages in the face of declining revenues and requests for tax increases. Now some may say that 3% is not a lot of money. And, they would mostly be correct. However, when you are asking the community for more money (since you supposedly don’t have it), then why increase wages. Doesn’t that make the tax increases for “marketing” a tax increase for paying higher wages. “Disingenuous” comes to mind….

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“Eagle Eye” sees pace of sales still strong in Summit”?

From the 10/2/10 “Home and Properties” section of the Summit Daily news….A realtor reports “sales are stronger than expected.”

Really? Are you kidding me? Stronger than who expected? According to the Summit County Assessor’s office the monthly sales volume in 2006 and 2007 was 269 and 303 properties PER MONTH respectively. 2009 sales volume was 107 properties/month. May, June and July of 2010 had 95, 140 and 75 sales/month, respectively. Eagle Eye needs new vision correction devices.

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