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More claptrap about Summit County Schools

The most recent nonsense comes in the form of a “letter to the editor” at the Summit Daily News on 10/20/10. This lady must be reading from the “talking points” bulletin put out by the Summit County School District. Here they are…

  • a no-brainer
  • vote yes to keep quality teachers and programs
  • promoting a healthy economy
  • diverse, creative and adaptable workforce
  • math whizzes, etc.
  • schools have tightened their belts over and over, no room to tighten further
  • need schools with programs as diverse….world economy
  • will not raise taxes

If it’s such a “no-brainer” then why all the letters imploring people to vote yes on 3B? Where will the teachers work and what quality programs will be cut if Summit County taxpayers vote no on 3B? Who are these “math wizards” and if we vote no on 3B are there no longer enough wizards to  “maintain the greatest workforce in the world? Wasn’t there a community budget meeting a few months ago that came up with all sorts of belt tightening ideas? Or, was that just window dressing to placate the sheeple?  What diverse programs are there at the Summit County School District that meet “the demands of the current, sometimes crazy, world economy”? A yes vote on 3B is in fact a tax increase – in perpetuity.

Vote No on 3B.

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