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“Giving up” on kids in Summit County

Jennifer and Shawn McAtamney think Summit County taxpayers who vote “no” on 3B are “giving up” on our kids. This is the latest attempt at shaming people into voting yes on 3B. After all, who among us Summit County taxpayers wants to be labeled as a quitter? It’s hard to find a more cliché ridden letter to the editor this tax season….”recruit and retain high quality teachers” – maybe some of them are planning on leaving for all those other open teaching positions around the state and country?;  “maintain instructional programs” – perhaps we should eliminate some instructional programs? Can anyone say IB? “tools they need to compete in the global economy” – our district has trouble meeting state expectations for improvement, maybe we should be more concerned with that?

Voting “no” on 3B is not giving up on your kids.

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